The Finest Selection: Ultimate Guide to Serving Wine With Ham

Whether you’re preparing for a special holiday meal, a weekend family dinner, or a casual charcuterie night, knowing how to properly pair wine with ham will significantly enhance your dining experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the best wines to serve with ham, exploring each unique combination’s nuances.

The Wine and Ham Pairing Principle

Choosing the right wine to go with ham involves understanding the principles behind food and wine pairing. Ham, with its salty, savory, and often sweet flavors, requires a wine that can balance these strong characteristics. An ideal wine will refresh the palate and resonate with the ham’s unique taste, only intensifying the overall flavors.

White Wine Comes First: Riesling and Ham

Riesling, a refreshing white wine variant, is a classic pairing for ham due to its fruity, zingy, and slightly sweet taste. The wine’s high acidity counterbalances the saltiness of the ham, while the hint of sweetness complements the meat’s smoky flavor.

German and Alsace Rieslings

Notably, German and Alsace Rieslings, which have the wine world’s highest acidity level, perfectly complement ham’s bold flavors.

Chenin Blanc: The Perfect Ham Companion

Chenin Blanc, a white wine type originating from the Loire Valley village of Anjou in France, also boasts an ideal ham pairing. Slightly sweet and intensely acidic, Anjou Chenin Blanc balances the heavy, umami flavor profile of ham beautifully.

GSM Blends: Embrace the Gamut of Flavors

The GSM blend, comprising Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre grapes, is a rich and spicy red wine choice. The Grenache grape’s fruit-forward nature, Syrah’s bold, spicy character, and Mourvèdre’s tannic components pair well with ham’s robustness.

Rose: A Universal Ham Pairing

Rosé wine, often overlooked, works wonderfully with all forms of ham. Its red fruit characteristics, spiciness, and sometimes savory aspect lend a balanced contrast to the sweetness of the ham.

Try Tavel Rosé

Tavel Rosé, from the Rhône Valley, shines as a splendid pairing. Known for its full-bodied, flavorful profile, it can hold its own alongside salty, fatty hams.

Sweet and Fortified Wines: A Delectable Match

Sweet and fortified wines, like Port or Madeira, can be surprisingly great with ham. They’re rich, nutty, and sweet, effectively cutting through the ham’s saltiness while complementing its richness.

The Star Match: Pinot Noir and Ham

Pinot Noir, known for its fresh red fruit flavors and subtle earthy undertones, tops the list. With particular regard to baked and glazed hams, Pinot Noir provides a brilliant harmonization, creating a symphony of flavors on your palate.

Burgundy Red Wine for Ham

From the Pinot Noir family, Burgundy Red wines interact beautifully with ham. With their complex, fresh, earthy, and elegant profiles, they equal an excellent choice for pairing with ham.


Choosing the right wine to serve with ham greatly depends on personal preference, the ham’s seasoning, and the wine’s characteristics. Remember, the ultimate goal is balance, both contrasting and complementary.

While Riesling, Chenin Blanc, GSM Blends, Rosé, sweet wines, and Pinot Noir are all ideal pairings, don’t forget the joy of discovering new combinations. Wine and ham pairing is a journey, not a destination. Salud!

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